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Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

Top 10 tips for choosing your bridal jewellery


Matching bridal jewellery with the bridal dress showcases the real beauty of a bride. So choosing the right jewellery for the bride that not only make the bride looks pretty but also allure the invitees is an important decision to be made for a wedding. Also keep in mind that the jewellery is nor too simple nor is it too lustrous that outshines your beauty in such a way that the invitees focus on your jewellery rather than focusing on you.
The very first tip is to give yourself ample time to choose your jewellery. Do not run on the second last day of your wedding for jewellery selection. Rather start your selection a few days early so that you can make the right choice and also make the necessary changes in it if at all required. The second tip is to decide your wedding dress and its colour to know exactly which colour jewellery would suit the best to the colour of your bridal dress. What your bridal dress is: an Indian traditional bridal wear or an evening gown? Indian traditional bridal wear generally is green and red in colour and mostly wearing pure gold jewellery over it would look perfect. Similarly if the dress is purple and yellow in colour, put on golden or silver ornaments intricated with purple and yellow rubies and emeralds. Indian bridal wear has a little jazzy look so even artificial jewellery coordinating the colour of your dress would do. Apart from necklace and earrings put on a tika/ bindi (a small dot like ornament worn between the eyebrows by an Indian bride) that matches the colour of the bridal dress. Also wear an antique diamond ring over your lovely fingers that complement your dress apart from your engagement ring. Wearing bengals in hands designed with henna add to the bride’s beauty. The third thing you can keep in mind is not to wear jewellery that is too lustrous and heavy in weight as Indian bridal wear is already heavy to carry. A heavy bridal dress carried along with heavy jewellery will make the bride tired and uncomfortable which would make her look dull and tired instead of looking happy, cheerful and bright.
Indian traditional bridal wear display colours whereas a bride wearing a gown or a one piece represents simplicity and so can’t put on the same jewellery as on for Indian bridal wear. The best tip to choose jewellery over a gown is to decide as per the neckline of your gown. The neckline of your dress decides whether to put on a necklace or not. If it is a sweetheart gown or a strapless one wearing a necklace would do. If it is a V-neck gown a simple pendant in a chain would work best. If it has a high neckline avoid wearing a necklace or it would look as if overdone. The other thing to be considered is the embellishments such as pearls, seed beads or crystals used on your dress as well its colour. If the gown is white then put simple white or silver jewellery over it. In a sweetheart or strapless gown put on a pearl necklace with large earrings. If your gown is diamond white then diamond jewellery would suit the best whereas if it is ivory shaded simple golden coloured jewellery would do well. One of the best tips is to play around with your hairstyle like curling them or just tying a pony tail over such a gown. Putting a pearled headband or a princess crown would add to the beauty. Instead you can also put on two or three flowers in your hair if you intend to give a little flirty look. Add some shine to your hair by putting shiny tiny pins to catch attention. But if the bride has fair hair combine crystals with pearls or else pearls are bound to get hidden in the bride’s hair. Your hair style decides your earrings. If you tie a ponytail wear small earrings whereas if you keeping them untied wear jazzy earrings so that they are seen. Do not forget to give attention to selection of your sandals while selecting jewellery. If your gown is short wear high heeled sandals whereas on a gown that is long prefer wearing flats as they will not be seen that much and handling your gown becomes easy.
Follow a small tip of capturing your photo by clicking your pictures in your digital camera or mobile phones and having a look through them after you are ready. This would help you get an idea of how your jewellery selection looks on you whether it is perfect or overdone and to what level are you satisfied. Another important thing is that wedding event occurs just once. But be practical to purchase such jewellery over your dress that you can wear it again and again. Apart from thinking financially wearing this jewellery again and again would remind you your wedding memories and make you happy as well. Be comfortable in whatever jewellery you carrying over your dress. If you not comfortable you will worry about your looks all day long fiddling with the jewellery that creates a bad impression. Do not forget to wear a bracelet complementing your necklace n earrings and to carry a bouquet in your hand.
Whether you wearing a gown or traditional Indian dress put on an arm-let or a thick bengal of diamonds or made up of ivory or golden and silver in shade over your arm. This would actually add to the charm of your dress. Also, wearing an anklet in one leg is in fashion whereas Indian brides put on payal (anklets to be worn in both the legs). Remember to select the current classic jewellery in trend. Also you can design your own jewellery and get it made by special order.
Make sure that every ornament you put on coordinates the colour of your dress which would make you look perfect. Make choosing your jewellery a fun task and avoid over accessorizing to keep a perfect balance. Choose jewellery that adds to your looks and doesn’t outshine