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How to Wear Wedding Dress after Wedding


Most women dream for years about their wedding day. Once they have found the prince of their dreams, the dreams crystallize into reality. As soon as the decision to marry has been made, most brides to be start hunting for all the different things that make up a trousseau – dozens of saris, jewellery, accessories and what not. But the one thing that sends most brides to be into a window shopping frenzy is the wedding outfit.

Most brides to be have doubtless played out their wedding countless times in your imagination, but few things receive more attention than the wedding outfit. Whether it is a lehenga or a sari or a dress, the wedding outfit has countless emotional ties that irretrievably bind it to the bride.

An American called Janet Salvage just published a book “One Woman, One Dress, One World” that details how she and her husband travelled all over the world for 1 year for their honeymoon – as she wore her wedding dress over 350 times!

Given how very important the wedding outfit is to most brides to be, don’t you think it is unfair that most women get to wear it only once in their lives? Of course it is! So we came up with some innovative ways you can recycle your wedding outfit.

Save it for posterity
Since your wedding outfit undoubtedly has many precious associations and memories connected to it, why not pass it on to someone else who really deserves it? If any of your sisters or cousins or good friends is getting married, then you could consider loaning it to them for their big day. Who knows, your good luck after marriage may rub off onto them as well!
I know that the title of this article is “How to wear your wedding dress after your wedding”, but you should definitely preserve and protect your sari for posterity. That is my Number #1 mandate to you, ladies!

Clothes with a regional flavor
The hottest look this wedding season is simplicity juxtaposed with elegance. So wearing that 10 kilo lehenga encrusted with fake jewels is probably not the best way to go.

Instead, you could go for the sari specific to the region where you come from, for eg – nawwari for Maharashtrians. Subtle zari work can bring out the sumptuous luxury of the sari. And the best part? You can wear it again, and again, and again until you get tired of it – during festivals, weddings, sangeets, mehendis, and cocktail parties – basically any event that requires you to wear a sari!

Dazzle ‘em with zari
Her wedding day is a woman’s chance to shine – and what better way to shine than by wearing a zari embroidered sari or lehenga? Go the whole nine yards and get as much shine and glitter as you want – after all, a woman only gets married once!
After marriage, you can craft it into different outfits – your sari can become a salwar kameez, or  a Western style dress, or a blouse or anything, really!