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Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

6 Tips to Find Best Wedding Dress Within Budget


As a bride-to-be you must be searching for your perfect wedding dress that would grace your beauty and would be make you look stunning on your D-day. So, without the faintest hint of doubt, you do want your wedding day attire to be something special. Yet, aiming to imitate the picture-perfect wedding wear that is your dream might flabbergast your savings in ways beyond repair. Here are some great tips that will help you to stay on budget and tell you about thoughtful expenditure when you go out searching for your bridal outfit.

Do not cross your budget
Your first and foremost job must be sketching a budget. Go window shopping and explore a wide range of prices before you finally make up your mind. Be frank with the salesperson and reveal your range shedding away your shyness, if any. Restrict yourself from falling in love with something you cannot buy. Do not get carried away in the heat of the moment and process your thoughts carefully before taking any decisions.

Keep an eye out for stock clearing sale
Check out the event calendar from various shops and bridal salons to take full advantage of the stock clearing season. Prices become really affordable after reduction and you get ample options to choose from. Sometimes the discount rates go up as high as 75 per cent. Make full use of the off-season sales, rather than the on-season ones. During the peak wedding season prices are mostly magnified, so even the sale prices can pinch your pockets, so be aware!

Online mantra
Going online to shop for a wedding dress is an idea underestimated to date; probably because many people still have a doubt on using technology when it comes to shopping. Nevertheless, it is an option worth trying in today’s age of non-negotiable market prices. The benefits- a wide range of options to explore, collection of branded dresses at one place and timely delivery with assurance of un-tampered quality. But keep a check on few things- it is a reputed website, read the delivery policies carefully, and check their shipping and additional charges.

Designer vs non-designer
While designers can provide brides with exclusive outfits and custom fits, yet they come with an equally high price tag. So, before going for a designer outfit that can make your budget go haywire; check other stores and shops around your city carefully. There are various stores in every city that offer bridal dresses that are stylish and beautiful and comes with a comparatively cheaper price tag. Explore various markets in the city to look for shops that sell bridal wear and take a look at their collections as well.

Tailor-made wedding dresses
One of the best ways to save on your wedding budget and still get your dream outfit is to get it tailor-made. The only catch is to find a seamstress worthy of heaping responsibilities upon. This is a great idea for fashionable brides who are aware of different designs and trends. You can even take a photograph of a few designer outfits along to discuss on ways to copy one of them at a reasonable price. Inclusion of additional features will need prior mentioning and most likely shoot up your price, so it is better to stick to simple and minimal adornments.

Borrow or rent a dress
There are a number of shops that rent out designer wedding outfits at a minimal charge. Otherwise, borrow your mother or sister’s bridal outfit. These dresses will have a sentimental value to them, and yes, fashion trends say that vintage styles are back in vogue these days. But keep few things in mind- check for tear marks, stain spots, check on the quality and other such related issues. So, this can also be a great idea for fashion conscious brides with budget constraints.