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Wedding Advice & Tips

Sexual Health Basics for Every Soon-to-be Bride


Well, your big day is fast approaching. You are all busy with your wedding shopping and pre-bridal parlour sittings. But amidst all this, have you thought about the big change that is going to be a part of your married life now? Yes, we are talking about physical intimacy here! What are the precautions you should take on your first night? Or what to do if your menstrual cycle occurs during the wedding? There are many such questions which every soon-to-be bride should take a note of. So, read on carefully as this piece of advice will help you to tackle all these issues easily.

Taming your irregular cycles

Keep a tab on your menstrual calendar to avoid getting your menses during the wedding celebrations or honeymoon. If you have a regular cycle, then keeping a check is easier. 

But, there are chances that these cycle patterns might take you for a ride during the wedding festivities, owing to the stress. So, if you have a few months in hand, consulting a gynaecologist is the best option. The specialist can give you some cyclical pills to avoid menses on special occasions. They are mostly safe, if taken on a doctor’s advice.

What can you do to regulate them?

Well, the best option to regulate your periods is to start with a low dose of contraceptive pills. This will ensure that they do not fall during your wedding celebrations. These pills are mostly safe with almost negligible side effects. 

It is best to start them two months prior to your wedding. For example, if your wedding is scheduled for 19th November, and your period usually comes on 15th of every month, then start taking it from 15th September onwards. Begin with a low-dose oral contraceptive pills which come in 21 or 24 or 28 pill packs. Your doctor can give you options, as there are numerous brands available in the market. So, if you take a 21 pills pack, start from day 1 or day 2 of your periods till the pack is over. In this case it will finish on 5th October. You should then get your periods around 9th October. Now, start the new pack of same pills after a gap of 7 days of your last tablet, which should be ideally during the days of your menstrual flow. As you finish the next pack of oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), your menses in November (your wedding month) will come around 7th. Hence, you will be free of any religious taboos (related to wedding ceremonies), and pregnancy worries post your wedding or during the honeymoon time. If you wish, you can continue it for one more month. This way you will be able to enjoy your intimate moments post-marriage. There are many advantages of taking these pills, such as one gets a lesser menstrual flow, the cycles are pain free and there are no PMS mood swings.

Post-wedding advice

Condom is another great alternative to lead a happy and tension-free life. So, make sure you insist your partner to use it. Unless you are not planning an immediate family, this is a safe bet. As last-minute inputs from friends may not be successful. Condoms can cut down the risk of sexually transmitted diseases as well. These diseases include AIDS, chlamydia, genital herpers, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis. 

My experience as a gynaecologist shows that most couples in the rush forget to use a protection once or twice in a month and come for abortion soon after marriage .This should always be avoided. And, incase your intercourse was an unprotected one, morning after pills is a good option. Remember, these are for emergency contraception only, and not for regular use. They have their own side effects.
Well, there are many other ways to regulate your periods or delay your pregnancy, but it is always recommended to follow them only as per your gynaecologist’s prescription. So, make sure you plan it well in advance. All the best for your married life!